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        Product Classification: Room thermostat and HVAC valve thermostat-Magnetic latching relay


        Magnetic latching relay

        Technical parameter:
        1、Rated voltage :DC?5-24V;
        2、Coil power consumption :1W;
        3、Contact pressure drop :≤ 100mV;
        4、Contact load :10A, 30A,50A,250VAC;
        5、Insulation resistance: ≥1000?mΩ;
        6、Medium pressure: coil contacts between; ≥AC1500VAC between 2000VAC contacts;
        7、Temperature rise of terminal under rated load :≤55℃ (test condition: 20℃);
        8、Terminal connection: spot-weldable copper flexible stranded wire;
        9、Ambient temperature :-25 ~ +55℃;
        10、Relative humidity: 95% at +40℃;
        11、Atmospheric pressure :86 ~ 106kpa;
        12、Vibration :10 ~ 55Hz double amplitude 1.5mm;
        13、Impact: 500 m/s squared, 11 ms;
        14、Life: 10000 timest.